august 08

august 08

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the august 08 website template is a drag and drop website template that features a modern, playful, and feminine aesthetic with hints of nostalgia that creates a compelling way to present your brand and services to your ideal client. the design features a clean layout with hand drawn floral elements and polaroid and gives your audience access to your brand’s most important information right on the homepage— making the site incredibly user friendly for your online audience. ultimately, the august 08 template is a great choice for anyone trying to stand apart online + showcase their work in a unique and innovative way. 

the template is perfect for creative entrepreneurs, service based businesses, and bloggers. 


BENEFITS: responsive mobile site, wordpress blogging, drag and drop editing capabilities, no photoshop or coding required


the showit templates are easy-to-use and require no coding, fancy tech knowledge, or photoshop. following the purchase of the volume two template, you’ll receive an email with a “design key” which will allow you to install the design to your showit account. after you apply the design key to your account, you will then be able to use the drag and drop features of showit in order to customize your site— changing out the logos, colors, fonts, images, and graphics in order to make it your own and fit your brand. 


with your purchase, you’ll receive a “design key” for the website template. in addition, you’ll receive access to psd files to switch out the colors of any textures that are used in your site template. 


  • logo 
  • colors palette
  • fonts choices
  • graphics
  • images
  • order of layout
  • gallery options


the photos in the august 08 template are courtesy of elana jadallah and Aaron haynes. and are for design purposes only— they cannot be used on your live site.

this website template will only work on the showit platform.